Automatic Doors: 3 Reasons Your Retail Store Needs Them

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Your business’s door is the very first thing that customers will encounter when they visit your place of business. For that reason, you want a style of door that is going to make a solid first impression and make it easy for them to come inside and do business with you. It also doesn’t hurt for the doors to look good, too. This is why automatic doors are perfect, as they offer a safer, more comfortable and elegant alternative to traditional doors. Here are a few more benefits that you will realize after the installation of automatic doors: Energy Savings Because automatic doors will only open when an object or a person triggers the mechanism and shuts after a reasonable amount of time has passed to allow the object or person to get through the door, wasted energy will be greatly reduced. One way this happens is because the door can never accidentally be left open, which can turn into a very costly error at certain times of the year. In addition, an automatic door has a tight and secure seal that prevents any heat or air from escaping around it. Overall, you should expect to see a reduction in your normal heating and cooling costs thanks to the cost-effective and energy-efficient automatic doors. Smoother Traffic Flow More often than not, revolving or manual doors will slow down the traffic coming in and going out of your store. Automatic doors will eliminate this annoying problem by ensuring that customers can easily, safely and quickly walk through as the door automatically opens for them. Convenience and Access for the Disabled and Elderly The Americans with Disabilities Act requires that at least one of a business’s doors be easily accessible for the disabled, which means that the door should require very little effort on the customer’s part. Now, this doesn’t mean that the doors have to be automatic, but automatic doors do provide ease of access and convenience for the disabled, elderly, and other customers. It is also important to keep in mind that automatic doors aren’t just easy and convenient for the disabled and elderly, as they are also beneficial to parents with strollers, parents who don’t want to let go of their child’s hands, and able-bodied customers who have their hands full with shopping bags or packages. For more information on automatic doors and how they can benefit your business, contact a local seller or contractor who is experienced with automatic door installation and...

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4 Home Improvement Projects Worth Investing In

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When making home improvements, most homeowners want to maximize their dollars by choosing projects that offer the best bang for their bucks. Choosing projects with a high rate of return can help increase home values and minimize the actual overall cost of making the improvement. If you’re planning on doing home improvements soon and want the best value, consider doing the following: Upgrade Your Front Door Many people don’t think about their front door when considering home improvements, but replacing your current front door with a new steel entry door has an excellent rate of return, which makes it a sound home improvement investment.Steel doors are very secure, so you can count on an extra level of protection when you have your new door put in. On average, you can expect to get back 101.8% of what you spend in the long run, making this a profitable project. Install a New Garage Door Garage doors are another thing that are often overlooked when thinking about home improvements to make. But a garage door can make a huge difference in the curb appeal of your home, so if your current garage door is old, faded, dented or damaged, installing a new garage door is sure to make a big visual impact. In addition to added visual appeal, installing a new garage door comes with an excellent rate of return, and on average you will recoup 88.4% of the total cost of replacement. When opting for new garage door installation, don’t just replace the door itself– it is also a good idea to replace all of the springs and have the tracks inspected to ensure that they are in good working order. Explore your options through a retailer like Mark May’s Garage Door Store. Get New Siding Vinyl siding is quite durable, but after years of being exposed to the elements it can start to look old and worn which can make your house look shabby no matter how well you take care of it. Replacing siding with new vinyl siding may not be the most exciting home improvement project, but it will make your home look better and add value. When you replace the siding on your house, you will typically receive 80.7% of the project cost back. Have a Deck Built Extra usable outdoor space is always an asset, and a wood deck is a great place to spend time relaxing outside in your backyard. In addition to being able to enjoy the deck while you live in your house, it will add enough value to give you back 80.5% of your investment when you...

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2 Reasons To Consider A High-Tech Lock For Your Home

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Installing a high-tech locking system on your home is a great idea, mostly because it can provide quite a few different benefits. You should consider a high-tech lock for your home if you want something that is highly secure and versatile. Secure One of the biggest selling points to many high-tech locks is that many options do not have any exposed locking mechanisms for a potential thief or intruder to access. This makes it virtually impossible for someone to actually pick the lock. In some cases, the lock will be made more secure by requiring multiple steps to open. For example, you may need to utilize a key fob or proximity to your cell phone to unlock a panel on the lock. Once that panel is unlocked, you can then slide the panel aside and use a regular key to unlock the door. This is useful because it means that someone would need to get his or her hands on not just your keys, but whichever device is necessary to access the lock in the first place.  Versatile Another reason to consider a high-tech lock is because they can be very versatile when it comes to locking or unlocking them. Some high-tech locks will actually allow you to access them via the Internet. This option is ideal if you want to let someone into your home remotely as you can simply log in to the system and unlock the door while you are out of the house. This is also helpful if you get to work and cannot remember if you locked the door on your way out. In that situation, you can check the status of the locks on the secure website or through a phone app and lock them if necessary. These locks will often also give you the option to provide guests with passes on their phone that will unlock the doors to your home when they get within range of the lock. When assigning these passes, you will have several limits that you can place. For example, you can have a limit on the pass that will only allow it to work during certain hours of the day, or only for a certain time frame before it expires completely. Speak to a locksmith or lock dealer, such as those at A-Dave’s Lock & Safe, today in order to discuss the many types of high-tech locks that are available. These types of locks can provide you with a highly secure and versatile means of accessing your...

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Why a Homeowner Should Consider Replacment Windows with Argon Gas

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Do you need extra blankets when the heater is running due to heat seeping out of the windows? It may be time for you to consider upgrading your home windows to some that are more energy efficient, such as those with argon gas. Find out below why you should consider replacement windows that have argon gas and what they will cost. Why Should Replacement Windows with Argon Gas Be Considered? One of the benefits of replacing your windows with one that have argon gas is how well they are able to keep heat in your home. It is actual natural for home windows to account for up to 25% of home heating costs. Windows that have argon gas can reduce your energy bill because the gas is a lot denser than air. The high level of density makes it difficult for hot and cold air to leave out of your house or come in from the outside. Another benefit of windows with argon gas is that they are usually doubled paned. Due to the windows having more than one pane of glass, you will experience even more energy efficiency. The gas will basically be inserted between the two panes of glass to create a barrier between the interior and exterior of the house. You can also opt for windows that have more than two panes if you desire to do so. Keep in mind that it is important for your window frames to be in good shape if you don’t want the argon gas seeping out. The window panes must also be properly sealed, which is why it is a good idea to leave the installation task to a professional. What Is the Estimated Price for Windows That Have Argon Gas? Replacement windows can cost an average of $300 to $20,000 depending on the size of your home and how many windows are being replaced. If you want double paned windows and argon gas for more energy efficiency, you can expect them to be the most expensive. The price can cost as much as $40,000 if you need your window frames rebuilt before the glass is installed. You should be able to enjoy a warm home without the need for extra blankets on a cold night. Investing in replacement windows of a better quality may solve the problem. Get in touch with a contractor like Beyers Window & Door Inc to get windows with argon gas...

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